Water reuse and recycling on site is the goal of the Triangle School Wastewater Treatment Facility. Although many other systems exist which make use of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, the Triangle School facility is the first on-site wastewater treatment system in North Carolina using designed ecosystems where water is being purified and reused, and hence recycled.

Specifically, the designed ecosystems used at the Triangle School Facility are a combination of constructed wetlands and soil filters, followed by a greenhouse which contains both aquatic and soil filters.

Water recycling takes into account all three phases of use, purification, and reclamation of water with the goal of capturing other valuable products, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, in the process. The nitrogen and phosphorus may then be used for fertilizer at a later time.

Purified and reclaimed water at the Triangle School will be reused for toilet flushing, and for irrigation of the landscaping in front of the facility.