The Dangers of Water Pollution

No matter whether the pollution is point source or non point source, no matter if it is of surface water or ground water – it impacts life on this planet. It has detrimental and devastating effect on the health, environment and the economy of a nation. Water is precious for sustenance of life. But it is also limited. 

If we continue to contaminate it (whether on an individual level or an industry level) like we currently do, the next generations of humans, animals and plants will have to bear the consequences.

Dangers of Water Pollution
Fishing and other activities are banned in this lake due to Sewerage pollution.

Here’s enumerating some hazard which water pollution can cause us:

To The Health

  • Heavy metals accumulated in water bodies are toxic to marine life and also to the humans who consume them. They can cause birth defects, immune suppression, reproductive failure or acute poisoning.
  • Microbial pollutants in water bodies lead to infectious diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever.
  • Water pollution causes an increase in algae which deplete oxygen from the water body. This causes the fish and other aquatic organisms to suffocate.
  • Suspended particles in freshwater deems the quality of water unfit for human consumption and for marine life.
polluted water with algae
boat in algae polluted water in Florida

To The Environment

  • Heavy metals can indirectly affect the entire food chain. Entire animal communities can be badly affected by this type of pollutant.
  • Industrial waste is composed of toxic compounds which impact the reproductive process of marine life and can therefore disrupt the generations of aquatic environment.
  • Sulfate particles from acid rain change the pH of water and make it more acididc in nature. This impacts the health of aquatic animals and plants and results in massive contamination which increases the mortality rate within the environment.

To The Economy

Water pollution can be significantly detrimental to the economy. It spreads diseases and contamination which can be very expensive to deal with.


One of Italy’s other water pollution contributions comes from more frequent natural disasters than many other countries face.

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The Conclusion

From domestic garbage to industrial waste, from sewage to invisible chemicals, everything is landing into our water bodies. Water conservation is the need of the hour. If it doesn’t happen now, the earth may not give us a second chance!

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